Bandidos Restaurant and Cantina

Bringing the Heart of Mexico to the Soul of Shoreline
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Our Story

Welcome To Bandidos!

Bandidos Restaurant and Cantina is a business run by family for families.

Our owners Jesus and Fernando are brothers. Both are originally from the Sinaloa region of Mexico, and have worked in a variety of restaurants as a cook including Mexican, Italian and Steakhouses.

Fernando came to the US in 2007 and like Jesus, has 10 years of experience cooking in a variety of restaurants, from casual American restaurants to formal steakhouses. After waiting several years for the right timing Jesus decided to team up with Fernando and bring him in as business partner and general manager.

After spending nearly 20 years in the Pacific Northwest, Jesus decided to bring his passion and dream of owning a restaurant to life. By combining their knowledge of food and the restaurant business, Jesus and Fernando are bringing Bandidos Restaurant and Cantina to life in the heart of Shoreline!


Mexico on a Plate

Fresh Ingredients, Authentic Flavors

We serve traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. Our recipes span several regions of Mexico – many of which have been passed down through our family from generation to generation.


Shrimp wrapped with bacon served with a chipotle dipping sauce.


Grilled skirt steak accompanied with grilled onions, beans, rice and guacamole.


Jalapenos stuffed with cheese, topped with bacon, served with chipotle dipping sauce.


Sauteed chicken, onions and bell peppers served sizzling hot.